Thursday, 19 March 2015

I need help getting my htc amaze 4g for T-Mobile back to stock

I love energy rom. Its the most stable, my battery life is usually like 14 hours until it dies. Wifi calling works for me. And mine doesnt constantly restart lol.
Probably just a bad flash or bad download. Have you tried the newest build of it August 6? 
But if you dont want to you can just flash the latest tmobile RUU.
Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service <<<Latest Orginal T-Mobile Firmware. 
**Dont use that if you do not have T-Mobile. PM and ill lead you to the right RUU.

Do not flash this like a ROM.
To use this you have to....
1. Download it.
2. Rename it PH85IMG
3. Put it on your ext-sdcard
4. Reboot to your bootloader
5. Your phone will apply the RUU.
and youll be back to factory stock settings.

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